Too young for cell phone??

United States
July 18, 2007 12:04pm CST
You've seen them around the young kids talking on the phone and think to yourself who could they possibly be talking to? Do they really need that phone?? I mean come on! They are probably racking up a bill talking to their friend that they will see five minutes later in school. BUT..then you see articles on the internet, hear it on the news, the radio..see it in the papers, the kidnapped children the almost kiddnapped know all the awful stuff you hear about. Then I think of my little one who will be off to kindergarden this year..out of my sight in the hands of the public and I think should she have one for an emergency?? Shes 5 now..age 5-12 when you hear all the stories about the liitle girls..Jessica Lunsford 9..Samantha Runyon..not yet 6! Im not saying a cell phone would have saved either of these little angles but maybe??? And isnt it that maybe and the ifs that count in a casse like that?
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• Philippines
18 Jul 07
you could actually check with your cellphone provider with regards to your concern. most providers offer prepaid accounts wherein you can credit a certain amount to your child's phone. this way you can limit and monitor their phone usage. fact is, cellphones are a necessity these days. like you said, those little girls' lives could have been saved if only they had a cellphone.
• United States
18 Jul 07
I absolutely do not think that a child that young needs a cell phone. That's just way too young. No reason why a child that young should need a cell phone. If a kidnapping is the only reason why a child should need a cell phone, then I think that it's time for them to come up with something else for a child to wear or something. There's no way I would let my son have a cell phone and he's getting ready to start kindergarten too.