The NAACP came to Detroit to bury the N-word.

United States
July 18, 2007 2:27pm CST
Lets see, how many Black people that I know who say the N-word. Does this include every rapper street corner hustler and crackhead? Sure it does, when I am in the store, I hear the N-word thrown around as a term of endearment so often. It sickens me. So last week, the NAACP came to Detroit to put an end to the n- word that I hear all and everyday. Even on college campuses such as Wayne State University and the University of Detroit. Mainly, this word is spoken in the place of a noun for another man. For instance, I shall use it in a sentence. 1. Them (n-word) over there dumb, dawg. Now, this is authentic as I can be. I do not call other Black men (n-word). The excuses for many Black men, and women who use the word is 1. We took a bad word Whites use to use and made it good. 2. Whites made it up. 3. It's my right to say what I want. They are thinking of that famous N-word used to demean Blacks during slavery. I believe Whites are as well. But the irony of the whole situation when using the N-word, I saw some White teenagers blasting some Young Jeezy who was saying the N-word like it was nothing. They were bopping their heads up and down and singing right along with him as he spoke of how many people he killed. I guess when you act like a gangsta, you can get away with it. It will not matter of you are White or Arabic. I have also seen Arab teens who use the "street venacular" use the N-word all the time too. They also call other Black men "brothas".
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@totty1969 (1473)
• United States
20 Jul 07
D*mn RepublicanMenu, I finally found something I can agree on. This is a great subject. I don't like the n-word. My family is full of ignorant skinheads who throw that word around. I found myself using it and I did not like myself for doing so. I was born in Detroit and it got so bad there with everyone using that word, it just made me sick, and I moved to the other side of the State. We don't use it over here and when I hear it, I jump all over the person who uses it, Black or white, it is just not a nice word. As for the whites comming up with the word. I would like to correct you, it was the Spanish who came up with the word and it means the color black. The whites changed the variation of the word to what it is today. I'm glad I could finally find something we could agree upon. Thankyou for the discussion. Peace, Totty
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25 Jul 07
I always put up stuff which is agreeable. You just have to have more insight. See, I am not such a bad person after all, am I?