Tell me anything thats on your mind "i love to hear it"

July 18, 2007 9:51pm CST
more than anything i love it when people speak their minds it only shows that they could express themselves whether it is on their clothes or in their arts expressing yourself is something very important and we should always think of ourseleves as if we deserve something greater :) or be content for who we are :) whatever is on your mind go ahead and share it with me :) i really find it nice to just talk about things around
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• India
28 Jul 07
U know, When ever i see your post there's only think going on in my mind... and thats to know your sweet name... Can you tell....
@gr8life (6253)
• Malaysia
28 Jul 07
Hello ifinallyfoundmybaby, I want to complain and hope that you wouldn't mind reading it... I don't like one of my office colleagues. He is very arrogant and claims that he knows almost about everything. In fact he doesn't know anything. When the first time I joined the company, I asked for his help to set up my computer as I didn't know how to do it. He asked me back, "You don't learn anything about computer while studying in university?" and I replied back, " I was a life science student and they didn't teach us this..." I was waiting for him to help me, thinking that he must know how to do it since he asked me that kind of question. Till the end, he didn't do anything. A computer tech guy came to my office and I asked him to help. After the guy solved my problem, this office mate of mine, asked the guy to help him too! I was amazing but I just let it be. After a few years, he still remain the same person. All of us went out for dinner to celebrate my new boss. This guy asked my boss what is his hobby. My boss replied that he loves fishing. Out of sudden, this guy told my boss that he loves fishing too and he did catch a shark before! Recently, a Japanese boss was asking me about the meaning of a word in English (I couldn't remember what was the word). He pronounced it wrongly and so I didn't manage to find the meaning or understand what he was trying to say. I asked my another colleague whether he knows the meaning or not. He too, seems to not understand what was the word as it was hard to understand my boss. This guy came and asked us what was happening. I told him whether he knows the meaning of that particular word or not. He looked at my Japanese boss and asked him, " Is it an American English or British English?" The reason he asked that because he only studied British English. The most amazing was, my boss asked the meaning of the word and not the pronunciation. And another amazing fact is that, this clever guy speaks broken English! I really hate the time whenever I have to deal with him. It really makes me sick! P.S. Sorry to make your day upside down with the story. *smile*