Miracle happened to me...

July 18, 2007 10:19pm CST
I just wana share this...with all my heart. something wonderful happened to me. A month ago..I had the worst,devastating situation in my entire life. I will refer to it as "Life Crisis"My dad had heart attacked, suffered mild stroke and lung infection. My family and relatives ..even the doctor had stopped their hopes on him.and asked me to go back home so I could still see him while he is still alive. Unconciously, deep within me had changed. So timely when this 'bad situation' of my life happened. I felt so calm and with the help of my colleague who is a Christian who deeply prayed for me and for my dad---things had begun to change... I was sick and tired of worrying of all these things... One day, I started to give up everything, and completely surrendered to the Lord. I said, "Lord, I give up. With all my family's sickness and financial problems, I give it all back to you. I can no longer handle it. Pls. take over and do it your way this time. I will just wait."So, I went back home. Things haven't changed in a snap. But I can tell Jesus miracles are happening to me little by little...and I have started to feel it. Until... Days,,,weeks passed...my dad had recovered and the doctor has ordered him to be discharged from the hospital. I just smiled, thanked God and winked at Jesus!Meanwhile, it's not a happy ending yet...(but i know it will be soon) The hospital bill had reached up to 220,000,000 in peso. And the hospital billing section has started to bug me about it to pay the full amount and if I cannot pay them they would not release my dad. I was a bit devastated. Right now, my funds are zero. had spent it to my dad's medical needs and all. plus my mom and sis medical maintenance too. Accounting is so fierce and sounded not so flexible of my situation...and wouldn't accept a Promissory Note. inspite of this, i remained calm and not stressed. i thought and have asked myself... Lord, why am i not bothered about this situation at all. ..then somewhere at the back of my mind I heard a voice that says..."You have come to me...and now I will give you rest."Finally Just 2 days ago, my dad is back home. The hospital has accepted my promissory note. Everyone in the family is soooo happy. Now, i know... Without God, I can really do NOTHING. Jesus love never fails.... Oh I almost forgt to share this...Jesus has healed my 5yr old MIgraine...and menstrual problem...My colleague and I prayed for it because usually i have migraine attacks almost thrice a week...But with God's grace... 2months have passed now, i have no more migraines and menstrual problems! Cool isn't it? That is what keeping my faith to Him stronger each day!:)
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• Philippines
19 Jul 07
well i am very happy for you...i guess your a filipino like me...and that is what is common to us...we believe in God and in miracles. you see that's whart i need right now...i am really in a deep financial problem and there's nothing i can do about it now...i just prayed that one day this will all stop and i can have my life back...hope you can pray for me too...i just feel hopeless and devastated...thanks for sharing...i know God will help me in due time. God bless us!