its time to be a big girl

July 19, 2007 12:56am CST
When i was baby girl i mean a childish one girl. I never experience a spank thing i mean someone's gonna hurt you in physical bacause if i have a fault my parents usually give me some advice and not to do it again they just give me some word. And i used to be a daddy's girl everything i want, everything i need i had it. If someone's gonna tease me or hurt me i used to call my brother or my dad. I never stand on my own i have to depend with others. There was a time that we had our camping i was so afraid coz it was my first time that i was separated with my parents i was scared coz perhaps maybe someones gonna hurt me or my some foolishness if you ever think of it i can handle this but i cant coz i depend with my parents. When im i college i never enrolled with my own i mean to pay or to get some sked for my subject my sister used to it she always there just to get some sked of mine. That's why i never learned something. And i always scared if i play in the stage and i dreamed to be a cheerleader. but im scared coz maybe someone's gonna tease and scared that i cant do it. But that feelings of mine i never thought that i became a cheerleader that was owesome then all of my friends are very proud coz i done this and all of my dreams i already fullfill to became a writer in school i was a news writer, a dancer, a photographer and i work all myself. i already bacome an independent girl. Expecially when the man of my dreams came into my life he teach me how to become strong how to be a big girl and big girls dont cry. And all of my friends teach me to become a fighter. I just realize that there alot of things that we have to face with our own.
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• United States
19 Jul 07
There is nothing wrong with being spoiled and protected as long as you get over it when you grow up. Some ppl don't and expect to be treated that way by everyone forever. I tried to talk to my children when they were bad, but sometimes it was neccesary to spank them.I tried to avoid it, but in a case of them endangering themselves I thought it was neccesary. You sound like you grew up well. Sometimes being spoiled does work.