how do i bring them back to life!!??

United States
July 19, 2007 1:55am CST
I recently went on my honeymoon and left my friend in charge of taking care of the house and the plants. SHE KILLED MY PLANTS!!! I have three watermelon plants,and they all died. I watered them and brought one of them back but the other two are having technical difficulties coming back to life.. We were gone for a week and the potted plants are coming back I have three pots of plants and a garden out front of wildflowers, but they are doing fine. I have all of them back on the right track. Does anyone know any secrets to bringing the watermelon back from the dead? Do you like watermelon? Any secrets out there to getting a green thumb in gardening? Did you know you can rest melons or fruits on pantyhose so they do not get the one flat side that most melons tend to have?
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@chari_dc (493)
• Philippines
19 Jul 07
sorry to hear about your plants. i am Not one of those that they call "having a green thumb" so i can relate more to your friend. some people (like us) just can't seem to maintain a plant's growth and health. i've tried lots of times to take care of indoor plants in my home but to no avail. i haven't given up yet because i want some "life" in my home, but i'm working on it.
• United States
19 Jul 07
Good luck with your planting.. Unfourtunately in this case she is not like you or I. I used to kill things and she has no problem growing them, sooo it is just hard to see all my hard work going down the drain. She just DIDN'T take care of them... Again thank you for posting and good luck in your growing.
@tuffy999 (794)
• Philippines
19 Jul 07
maybe your friend is one of those that does not have the touch of taking care of plants. i suppose if the watermelon does not recover you just have to plant a new one. thats the most practical way. happy planting.
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