Healing Power of CHARCOAL over BREAST CANCER!!! Must READ....

July 19, 2007 2:14am CST
I started working at the age of 21. Unlike young professionals, I started it with old guys around. Taking Blood Pressure and having Calcibloc (medicine for hypertension)in the medicine kit is usual in the office daily routine. One day, ms. Jo, my co-employee, married and have 4 kids, did'nt report for office and it took how many days before she was able to report again. When she reported, she confessed that she is positive for malignant breast cancer. The doctor advised her to totally removed her right breast to prevent the spreading of cancer cells. However, she refused to do so. Instead she resorted to the healing power of CHARCOAL. She applied charcoal powder over her breast for about 3 months,4 times a day.At the same time, she drank 1 tablespoon of charcoal mixed in a glass of a lukewarm water for 3 months, 4 times a day. After that process, she was dignosed again by the doctor and the latter found that there were no longer traces of cancer cells. Is'nt that a miracle!!! Well prayers counts a lot too..I think she has the book that tells everything about the HEALING POWER OF CHARCOAL..Do you have similar stories to tell about how to fight Breast Cancer?