why do some people commit suicide because of love?

July 19, 2007 3:04am CST
in the news, there are lots of people all over the world committing suicide because of love. usually, these people are heartbroken and they've just decided to end it altogether. have you ever been hurt so bad that you wanted to kill yourself or hurt yourself? share you stories. for sure it will inspire other people coz your still alive to share what happened and what you've done to overcome it.
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21 Jul 07
Well, I never been one of them. I am sure I won't. And I don't have any this kind of friends. But I guess that is because they only have relationship left in their world. They don't have good career, or friendship or bad relationship with their family, so they lose their love, they feel like they have lose the whole world. Any one agree with me?
@swatig (1187)
• India
19 Jul 07
yeah im still alive,lol and already experience that phase not jst due to love, but when we not get responses from any field of life. life is no question is more important but then, for living there is still more basic thing are required for example a decent job atleast so that you not put your hand in front of anyone. ive the policy that dnt expect anyone. when loves not in stage to help you, even the parents not understnad wht you want to do, friends takes you as a joke, then one way left of what you mention. but im still alive, and im still running thrugh that phase which im explaing. I dnt knw whether you understnd the view of mine towards life or you also get involved with that side from there i always get pain. pain which is unforgetable for whole life. Now the happiest side, from my experience, whenever you have pain, let it be and let it be increase to unbearful stage. let it be others to give pain and always put smile in your face so that noone knows how much and wht you put inside. I always do this and i got lost all my good frends and relationship but i have with my smile in the hope that someone someday understand me, someday i got the job, someday someone loves me too, someday frends called me up, someday relationshp turns back to me, someday evrythng returns back to me, someday....in a hope with smile only. I understnd past is past but hw i take my present day of life which is not so good. With lots of hopes that times change inits course and so the other things associated with me also change towards me. :)smile