What is your sunsign?

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July 19, 2007 9:38am CST
My sunsign is cancer. Cancerians are supposed to be quite sensitive. They believe people easily. And are day dreamers also. What is your sunsign? And what are its characteristics?
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19 Jul 07
I'm an Aries. We're supposed to have ferocious, fiery tempers, and be very stubborn. I like to think that I've got my temper pretty well in check these days, but I suppose that says something about how much I am like my sun sign. :) I do know, however, that most of my good friends always said that I was not much like an Aries. I was born within a few days of the Pisces / Aries cusp, so that could explain why I'm a little bit of both signs rather than all Aries.
@chrisken (85)
19 Jul 07
I'm not sure what a sunsign is, is that the sign you are in when you are born? If so I am also a Cancerian and I think like you I am quite sensitive, I'm very careful about who I am friends with and tend to avoid loud, noisy people who are great fun but a bit OTT for me. Do you get on well with other water signs?
@jodenton (222)
19 Jul 07
My sun sign is virgo. It is from the 23rd August to the 22nd September. My birthday is in September. I like being a virgo. It is the sixth sign and is associated with purity and service! The characteristics are as follows: I am supposed to be dilligent, orderly and conscientious but prone to fussiness and hypochondria. I have to say there is some truth in this!