Man U future

July 19, 2007 10:21am CST
Hi i am new in "mylot". Nut i am not new at EPL. I watch it regularly and i am a fan of MAN U. I love cristiano ronaldo, Wayne rooney, Luis shah, very much. I am thrilled when the ball is on ronaldo's feet. I think he knows magic. Or his feet can spell magic. Coz whoever see him doing "that" doing with ball i think he will fall in love with C. Ronaldo. So do i. i really like him. Now its new season... And i am thrilled about Carlos tevez. Coz he is also a genius. I mean last season he played superbly for Westham. And i think, not me alone, i think most of u people also agree with me that he had saved westham to fall into religation. i wanna see Tevez beside ronaldo, roney and shah. I think If tevez is on, then the next season will be very pleasant for me, you and for MAN U also. Good luck manu.
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