Identifiing Trojans and Viruses

@alexsis (2149)
United States
July 19, 2007 1:46pm CST
I know some of you may consider this to be a dumb question, but my parents always told me that no questions are dumb questions. How can I identify if there is a trojan or virus on my computer? Will my system slow down? Will my antivrius software let me know? Or will my computer just shut down? I have an antivirus software on my computer, it came with the computer. I scan my computer once a week. Should I have it scanned more than once a week? I'm sorry, but I'm not a computer wiz. Thanks in advance!
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@inked4life (4227)
• United States
19 Jul 07
Your computer would be doing a lot of weird things like slowing down,freezing, switching itself off etc. I usually run a scan once a day. I set it to run at midnight when I'm not on the computer but you should be okay with once a week. I've had a couple of really bad viruses that disabled my antivirus. If you want to check your computer, there is a free online scan that will do it for you. Just go to and look for the housecall link which will scan your computer for free. I use it about once a month just to make sure I'm clean
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• Malaysia
20 Jul 07
You may identifing trojans and viruses when your PC getting slow, lagging when your internet explorer suddenly unable to load some website, or it autos set to those website that you never seen it before, example like those porns..something. Or maybe windows doesnt boots up, or those error messages shown up suddenly, or some dll files missing.. so at this time you need to get a good advices from those good in computing or computer shop. To see is there any way to provide you to get solve ur problems. Do it now before too late, viruses and trojan may cause you reformatting your harddisk. You can get live help at the website i mentioned before which i don't want to re-type it, but u can see it through my profile discussion something like.. http://stonytony.. good luck
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@matte5 (1913)
• Sweden
19 Jul 07
Hello. If you hawe a uppdated antivirus its not asfe anyway beacuse this people who make this program is always one step befor this who make the antvirus program. I will recomend that you make a scan with Windows Live OneCare that is a free scan of you computer from microsoft and it fix it if you get in on your computer. The virus can make a lot of problem all from nothing to a crash. Hawe a nice day.