Do you have a moment to remember . ?????? Share it with us !!!!!

July 19, 2007 2:07pm CST
It was a vacation time i first saw my girl..She was walking past me in the public library ..At first she didn't noticed me .....She seldom gave me a look..!!! i used to go to library ...every time possible in the hope to see her there at the library .Days passed ...weeks passed nothing much happened I used to sit in a table few feet away from hers .looking to her eyes reading something was amasing...& one fine morning without any provocation she walked towards me & asked :" do i know you ???""..My throat dried up & all i can remember is mumbling about something...!!! even after 7 years love with her ..the moment i first talked to her is the moment to remember ...So guys Share your moment to remember ...!! Share that moment of joy ... feeling absence of world in presence of someone special..!!! Cmon share it with us..!!!
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