Waiting, Will You?

July 19, 2007 3:50pm CST
I am sure all people ever heard the statement of... "Waiting Is Boring..." and we agree about that for sure. But its not for me. I say that becoz I can accompany and wait my family and friends shopping for hours without complaining. Will you feel boring for waiting? How long can you wait for something or someone?
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@lecanis (16664)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
19 Jul 07
I don't get bored. Seriously, this thing called boredom that other people complain of has never really been a problem for me. Because I have this thing called imagination. =p If I am waiting in a public place where there are other people, I will make up stories about their lives in my head. What they're doing, who they're with, what they're wearing, everything will have a place in my story. If I am waiting alone in a place where there isn't anyone to watch (say inside the exam room waiting for the doctor), I will close my eyes and go somewhere else. My favorite meditation space is a forest with a clearning and a temple, with a beautiful fountain in the middle. When it is time for whatever I am waiting for, they'll just think I fell asleep. =p
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• Indonesia
3 Aug 07
Thats nice. I can see you are a patient person. Being patient is good. You wont get bored even when you are alone. Hope my hubby can be just like you.
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