Nothing makes me more mad then..

July 19, 2007 9:10pm CST
Hard headed people. I recently broke up with my boyfriend. I didnt understand why but lately ive come to realize it was because of depression. Hes one of those people that think depressions a choice, and to not be depressed, you just have to think..Oh dear, today im gonna be positive. then BAM apparetly your no longer depressed. I tried so hard to explain to him that I just cant do that and it doesnt work out that way, but he doesnt understand. I think one of these days Im going to sit him down and educate him on depression. Anyone have any tips on how to approach it..or what to tell him? Have you ever come across people like that?
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
12 Oct 10
Well even i was same, but later i realised crying over problems is not going to make any change. Rather, i decided to fight against problems and now i feel great.
@queen666 (54)
• China
20 Jul 07
when this happens,you become mentally restless.the vital solution that will disolve all our problem is to make up our mind to get realistic.hope you better