How important is money and wealth?

July 19, 2007 9:15pm CST
Wealth and money come and go,But true knowledge Comes and grows.We must try to acquire such eternally-growing knowledge. Only then we live like true human beings. Human qualities are slowly fading out in all humans, as falsehood finds its way in every walk of life.. Do you agree or differ..?
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• India
22 Jul 07
Ha i can be taken away from us but not our dignity its only if become slave to money our dignity will be lost and then everything will be lost! As for the fading out i think we are conditioned to be with the majority.....we dont want to stand out or stand up...just because everyone else is doing we do the same without thinking as long as we have that ability to see that just b'cos the majoity is doing the same it need not be necesarily the right thing i think human qualities will remain....
• India
23 Jul 07
Now i see your response, My computer says that it was responded 7 hours ago. As the time now is 7.30 Am,It means you have responded my discussion by 1.30 Am . simply great...