Are there any Carbs in Wine Coolers? Are there No Calories to Wine Coolers?

United States
@brokentia (10397)
July 20, 2007 12:12am CST
OK, so I know wine coolers are not on the food pyramid. But anything out there that has a calorie content, has Nutrition Facts. This is how I know what I can have and what I really can't have to what I will lie and try to stretch out to say that i can have. ha ha (I am kidding here. ha ha) Anyways, I have been very very stressed and decided that I wanted a wine cooler to help me go to sleep. Since when I am stressed, my insomnia is much worse. However, and please do not poke fun, I can not drink much. I am a person that drinks and tosses my cookies. Sound yummy? Well, don't get too excited, it isn't really cookies because I am not allowed to have them. :) OK...the point of my question....what happened to the Nutrition Facts on Wine Coolers? Doesn't beer show how many carbs they have? I even went to their website and they do not give any calorie or nutrition facts! Here is the website if you want to see all the new great flavors they have. Well, they are new to me because you have no clue how many years it has been since I have even had a wine cooler. I did mention that I don't drink...right? ha ha