Can marmots predict weather???

Do you know what is a marmot???? - Marmot is a hibernating animals. some traditions are there which says they can predict weather... but can this be true????
July 20, 2007 3:10am CST
sometimes an idea is built up and kept up by the newspapers because it help in keeping a great story. Likewise the newspapers have created a story that marmots, groundhog and woodchuck are able to predict the weather. but the truth is they're hibernating animals and have no ability to predict the weather or of its kinds. it is believed that the groundhog will comes out of its burrow on the second day of February. and when they comes, they'll see the landscape. if they dont find the shadow or if the day is cloudy, then they'll stay out.... and when they stay out it is a good sign. it means the weather is going to be fine for the rest of the winter. but if they find their shadow on the landscape or if the day is clear, they groundhog might go back to its burrow and have some more sleep... according to the tradition it means the cold weather is going to prolong for another six weeks. the reason newspapermans keep up the story is to have a page filled easily despite the truth that most people dont believe in it. occasionally these newspapermans will force the marmots or groundhog to come out of its burrow to take pictures.... but they dont easily leave their warmth of their burrows... the tradition is spread over in europe, hungary and some more places too.... what do ya think about it??? do ya believe that these hibernating animals can predict the weathers????
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