exams,, do you cheat??

July 20, 2007 4:29am CST
have you ever cheated?? i know i have well that would be a secret upon us mylot users ok... how many times did you do it?? can you still count?what would be your reason in doing it?? is it fun? is it cool?? well there was one time.. first semester my classmates and i were all sharing answers that was i think the fun part of cheatting..but im not saying its good,,its not totally bad either...who says he/she never cheated or let his/her classmate cheat on him/her???? is it a part of our life???? maybe it is???well except for the ones who were home studied they might be ignoant at this question...
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• Philippines
22 Jul 07
hehe... me and my whole class cheats especially when it's math exams. When we all get tired and really feel it's difficult, we cheat, all of us. And we never say to teachers because everyone of us do that. Well, me and my classmates are really close to each other.
@deliria (58)
• Philippines
21 Jul 07
yes, I have. And it cost me my summer vacation. I failed a subject because I've cheated and so did my other friend/classmate who did so.
• United States
20 Jul 07
Not everyone cheats, and it certainly isn't right to cheat. Would you go to a surgeon who cheated his way out of medical school, and did so because he was too lazy to study for his tests?
• India
20 Jul 07
i havent cheated in school . but when i joined college , yes i have . i do not think that i have done all wrong as such . but i really had to do it . because i hadnt studied much for the subject . but i guess it was fun doing so . being scared that i would be caught
@jAyTriXz (528)
• Philippines
20 Jul 07
I have cheated in exams before. I never regretted it because I really need to cheat in those exams in order to pass them. I studied in those exams but it's not just enough for me to pass. I seldom cheat in an exam because I don't find any logic behind in cheating in anything especially in exams. I just cheat if I don't have any other choice left.
@wmzuls (55)
• Malaysia
20 Jul 07
i hate cheating in exam. but there is only one time that i cheat in exam. in calculus subject. ahhh!!! i regreted it till now. what a shame :(