do your cats eat cockroaches?

July 20, 2007 5:38am CST
When I had my first cat, the first weird thing I saw was she was eating cockroaches! I was really shocked! They have their way of eating. First they'll play with it stepping at them, let go, then get it again, then let go...(repeat that 5 times more), then they'll eat it. If not eat it, chew on it, which will lead to the cockroach very weak when our cat gets tired of playing with eat. Do they actually do that? was actaully funny, at the same time, disgusting to watch. :D
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21 Jul 07
your right funny but major ew lol My cat used to play with slugs, pouncing on them then just get bored
• Philippines
20 Jul 07
oh yeah! our cats do that! my sister and i was just watching them and laughing, ... yucky!...
• Philippines
20 Jul 07
Yeah... And then afterwards, we see some leg and antenna parts of the cockcroach littered on the floor. We're like..."C'mon. Can't she just eat it all up" :D We even have a video of our snowy cat eating the cockcroach...XD
@anij34 (317)
• United States
20 Jul 07
Not sure why you find this so funny. Its disgusting. Can we say exterminator? Or RAID!?!
• Denmark
20 Jul 07
Cocroaches no but fly's yes. Feles likes to chase fly's and eats them and also spiders.
@brand4less (1061)
• Indonesia
20 Jul 07
i have a same persian cat who also like to eats cockroaches.first he plays with them,then eat them and finally he throw up!i always yell to her if i caught him on the act because i like to hold and stroke him and if he eats those cockroache i won't go near him until i bath him.
@lanbei (52)
• China
20 Jul 07
cockroach?it is amzing! my cat never eat it,and even the mouse.he just plays with mouse just like your cat with cockroaches,but he never eat it.perhaps he is too picky about food.