training day week 4

July 20, 2007 7:57am CST
from now on i'm gonna start posting my training progressions here, so at some point, somebody can at least say something about how i lift. for the past couple of weeks, i have started to lift again going back to the basic 3 sets of eight, but after 4 weeks have past ivae managed to to all these drills with 7 sets of 8!!! here are the drill that i do: benchpress: 110 lbs shoulder shrugs: 100 lbs squats: 140 lbs preacher curls: 40 lbs rope pulldown: 40 lbs military press: 80 lbs and take note, i've benn able to do this within a one hour limit, that makes me able not to go to overtraining. my next post for my program will be due next week tuesday,.
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@adjemt (16)
• United States
29 Jul 07
How often are you lifting? Are you doing cardio? What is/are your goal(s)?
• Philippines
29 Jul 07
well from the last month i started i wrote all my programs so its on a one times a week of weight training with full of cardiovuscular activities(taekwondo, jogging, tai chi, pillates) to the past 3x a week training with no cardiovuscular training, and believe me i just got massive results from the past 1 month that i started on this program^^, and all of this is thanks to sean elawanyj's program, i kinda tilted my old program to his suggestions, oh and by the way, i'm all natural. no strings attached^^