How did angels come to exist?

How did angel come and exist? - Photo of an angel
July 20, 2007 12:23pm CST
Millions of people believe that angels exist. But many have mistaken ideas about them and their origin. For example, some religious people think that when a loved one dies, that person is called to join God and becomes an angel. Is that what God's Word teaches about the creation, the existance, and the purpose of angels?
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7 Aug 07
wwwwww lovely wingless....I do want to say to you friend always know that like spirit ..... I honestly feel that our angels never let us down either only difference being between spirit and angels i feel is ( in my own personal opinion ) ...some have seen spirit...know spirit exist..although with angels i feel takes a lot of trust for someone to believe and have faith....and keep that faith and know that angels do infact exist...all you need to do is call on them and they are there to help and comfort you, love and blessings, xxxxxxxxxxx