Hurry!! Simpsons Contest Nearly Over

July 20, 2007 3:42pm CST
Opera is running a The Simpsons contest Get in the contest by going to this contest form The contest details at the Opera site say that Fox has teamed up with Opera to do this contest. Everyone, The Simpsons Movie will premier on July 27th, so that's only 7 more days by my calendar. There are about 9 or 10 questions about The Simpsons that you have to answer - then just submit your answers and you could win official "The Simpsons Movie" merchandise! Don't worry if you think you're submitting the contest form LATE because the contest will run right up to July 27th! Plus, there aren't THAT MANY people ahead of you submitting forms because the contest has only been running for aweek (since the 13th). A Random Winner will be announced on 'My Opera.' If you've got the Opera browser and haven't been using it much, this is a really good time to START! I had the Opera browser for MONTHS but didn't use it very often. Then I used it one day and noticed that there are Opera Communities and that about 900, 000 people interact in the My Opera community - in forums, through mailings, on blogs and in groups, very much like in myLot! Now I'm using Opera for everything! Hurry up and get into this contest - hopefully a myLot member will win the contest and also enjoy their Opera membership perks at the same time!
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