Discussions Being Deleted

@Nykkee (2523)
July 20, 2007 5:00pm CST
What causes discussions to be deleted here on Mylot? I know that they must meet certain guidlines that they cannot be offensive and things like that, but is there someone reviewing all of these discussions and determining if they are relevant? I have seen a few posts before that weren't really discussions, and although some of them were intersting to read, they didn't really leave much to comment of as they did not inculd any type of question and we not rally debateable topics or anything. And I'm not trying to crap on anyone here or anything, I am just wondering exactly how all this works. I have seen posts that were more or les announcements. Is that allowed here? Do you receive credit for something like that? For example, I am moving into my new house soon, if I posted a discussion titled something like Yay For Me I Bought A House and then proceeded to tell everyone here how great my new house is, would that really be a discussion? Would I receive credit for somehting like that or would my discussion get deleted or rated poorly? I am also wondering if discussions get deleted for being too short, like something like (and I'm sorry if anyone has posted this discussion I didn't check and I'm not trying to pick on anyone): "Which do you prefer, apples or oranges?" and that was all it said, would that be deleted for being too short? I keep seeing posts about discussions that were deleted and I am wodering what things cause this to happen, I want to avoid haveing posts deleted.
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