First post - with an idea! -Prisons overcrowding solution-

July 20, 2007 5:34pm CST
ok, bare with me on this :|... as we all know our prsion's seem to be over crowding with people that frankly dont diserve to live, what about (now this is the bit you read, dont judge until u finished the post) we shoot any criminal on site, im not talking about just murderers, rapists etc im talking about petty theft aswell, stealing sweet bars etc. reason i suggest this is frankly im fed up with my tax being given to them so they can eat better than the children in our schools, have a warm room and colour tv. and the psychology behind it is simple, would you steal a candy bar if you knew that the security gaurd aint gona chase you, he'll just shoot you, would you decide to try and nick a old ladys bag if you knew if u were caught ud be shot. that sort of thing in the back of your mind will stop a hell of alot of petty theft alone. and the only thing that would run through any criminals mind would hopfully be a bullet. you say, "what about the people that need the food they steal? think about it, take supermarkets for example, the rule is that for every one item stole another 7 has to be sold to recoup the loss, so now if less steal that means that they dont have to raise the prices, quite the conterary infact supermarkets can lower prices meaning those with less income can afford food. anyway just an idea, pitch it out there... other bonuses include, free meat for homless people (dead criminals) more money for our childrens school dinners (dead criminals food) more money for us, to keep us alive, not the criminals a better life of trusting others a less populated planet, meaning maybe earth will survive .... anyway il stop rambling. can i have comments in a nice fashion any objections with reasons, becuase i have answeres for all hope to talk soon Rob
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