Is WWE hypocritical posting spoilers on their site?

United States
July 20, 2007 7:00pm CST
I got to thinking about this as of late. WWE has posted spoilers in regards to who wins the World Title. It has happened when Kurt Angle won the gold, also with Edge, and now The Great Khali. Remember a time when WWE didn't spoil their own shows on there own web site? I sure do. It is hypocritical to think they can post them but get upset about other people doing that. I remember when Eric Bischoff used to do that on Nitro when he gave away Raw results back when it wasn't live and was pre-taped. I find that other people post results like on Pro Wrestling Insider, The Wrestling Observer, or The Pro Wrestling Torch as the primary sites while some just copy and paste it on there own sites. I know this may not be worth complaining about or whatever but it's the principal. Why is it ok for WWE to spoil there own show and yet when someone does it, all of a sudden it's not ok. If it's not ok for them, they shouldn't do that in the 1st place. I just wish they would not do that personally. Now, if it's for a House Show purpose and a title change happens then, that's fine. That might be the only exception to that rule. Most of the time that never happens but it seems that Smackdown gets spoiled a little too often. Do you think it is hypocritical of WWE to spoil there own shows while they get upset over someone doing it like when Bischoff did it in WCW?
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