Total newbie’s guide to Banehallow

@mcoy37 (12)
July 21, 2007 3:06am CST
Hopefully, you will have Diffusal blade sometime in mid-game. When you see a mid HP hero in a lane, go Hunt them! remember to summon your wolves first, shapeshift, purge , block , and chase. Once your shapeshift ends, keep creeping and wait for it to be ready again. Repeat the cycle and try to use up all your purges(in a useful way of course) so you reap all the benefits from it and can get Manta earlier.
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• United States
23 Dec 10
Diffusal Blade is a waste of an orb on Lycan. He can use desolator to much more effect rather than a Diffusal blade.
• Malaysia
24 Jul 07
Nice build for banehollow. Might i suggest something, buy sange and yasha + vladimir's offering + burize. Total ownage cause your creeps + lane creeps + you have lifesteal plus sny to drasticly slow them down and burize to deal massive amounts of dmg. Hehe i've already tested the build and it works wonderfully. good day :D
• Philippines
21 Jul 07
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