July 21, 2007 4:42pm CST
ok.. the only thing that i have to said, its taht i love blink 182, its the best band in all the world.. and i have many information about blink, i know the reasons about their separation, interviews, and a lot of things more.. if u have a question about they, only ask me.! :D
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2 Aug 07
Are they still together? :( Excuse my ignorance but I lost track of them a few years ago :(
4 Aug 07
don't worry.. no, the separate, mark and travis make a group name: plau 44 and tom make another group name "angels and airwaves"
• Romania
28 Jul 07
Why did they broke up? Was it Tom's fault or sth?
29 Jul 07
Yes, Tom was trasformed in a big problem because he started to makes problems all the time... with the cd, with the tour, and he wasn't agreed in many things with travias and mark!... Mmm.. after a foght, Tom get out, and some days later, the manager calls mark and travis and tells them, taht Tom isn't going to be in blink 182... and that the cann'y call him, cause he change his number phone.
@rw1234 (59)
• Australia
24 Mar 08
I think blink were awesome. i personally don't like plus 44 and angels and airwaves were so so.
• Pakistan
15 Feb 08
blink 182 is very good in their music. I like music new punk that brought by blink 182
@batulboy (196)
• Philippines
20 Nov 07
yeah! they are one of my major foundations in the punk times in my life...
@Bryce182 (21)
• Australia
20 Nov 07
I love blink so much. Ic ried when they broke up, they made such awesome music and I shall always rememebr them. LONG LIVE BLINK 182!
21 Jul 07
ok then why did blink 182 break up some people say that it is because tom delonge had another kid well idk what the heck that is about because mark hoppus has a son and spends more time with him now then he would if he had a regular 9 to 5 job