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@Abbyey (760)
July 21, 2007 9:02pm CST
My car is automatic. For the pass weeks i observed that the RPM have a problem. In one time i have already parked my car in the mall and placed the gear to P - Park my feet OFF the gas pedal... yet the RPM goes from 1 to 2 1/2 up and down (it goes down and then pumps up)... i didnt mind at first... but then it happened the second time... its like its stuck... i dont know what's the problem... Another is that the engine keeps lighting up (yellow) i brought it to a shop and they told me the water in the radiator is not circulating and i need to have it flushed out and cleaned. So i did but it still lights up. Weird but i observe too that when i park my car wherein my trunk (back) is higher than the hood (front) it doesnt light up. However when i park it wherein the hood (front) is higher than the trunk (back) it lights up. Do you happen to know whats the problem? can you help me? thanks
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• United States
22 Jul 07
check your fluids... my friends kind of did the same thing... his tranmission fluid was low. i dont know if this will help, but try it i guess...
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@budsr03 (2355)
• Canada
22 Jul 07
I would suggest having your coolant level checked and filledto the proper level. The coolant temperature sensor can also affect the idle speed of your vehicle. Another thing that could make your car rev up and down the way it is doing, is the idle speed sensor. Electrical parts are rather expensive but if your car is in good condition it is worth spending the money to have it fixed. On older vehicles i usually buy used parts even electrical parts. Take care Abbyey and i hope this helps!