July 22, 2007 1:53am CST
when will they every get rid of sundin
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@ridler (1)
• Canada
5 Oct 07
never. sundin will retire in a maple leafs jersey. he is the franchise player and with his current pursuit of sittler's record it is just one more spark the leafs need
@oldiebut (859)
• Canada
24 Jul 07
Well he is still a pretty productive scorer, actually the most productive scorer the Leafs have so how exactly will you fill the hole? There a rather long list of people I would prefer to see gone before Sundin goes, starting with McCable and Raycroft. And for gawd's sake, get rid of Ferguson! Sundin has always been a very classy leaf and would be a superb guy to have on a rebuilding team, but I agree, they should have started that phase 2 years ago now.
23 Jul 07
well he's here to stay for at least this year...they need to keep him for another year...but if they were to get rid of him they should've done it at least 2 years ago to start rebuilding, now he's worth nothing in the free agency, so it's better if we keep him
• Sweden
22 Jul 07
He will probably just play one or two more seasons before retiring. His old team in Sweden (Djurgården) gave him a contract deal, but the money in NHL is so much bigger so I guess it was not a possible option. He is considered one of the greatest Leaf players of all time so I assume he can stay for the rest of his career if he wants to..