Battle of Fatigue

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October 25, 2006 2:29pm CST
here is an article i found online. Work deadlines, sick children, homework, housework and partners can all lead to a working mom feeling fairly fatigued. Here is a quick daily guide to fight off fatigue Your step by step guide. 1. Wake up an hour earlier than the children 2. Drink a glass of water 3. A 30 minute cardio workout 4. Have a shower by yourself 5. Wake and dress the kids 6. Take time to sit down with your family and have a wholesome breakfast 7. Head for work 8. At work make yourself a drink (plus a bottle of water) and take 5 or 10 minutes to prioritise your activities for the day 9. At midmorning stand, stretch your legs and take a walk around the building on your way back refill your bottle of water. 10. At lunch take a 30 minute exercise break – go to the gym or go for a brisk walk 11. Eat a healthy lunch and drink lots of water 12. Mid afternoon stretch your back and legs, have a light healthy snack and more water 13. Take 5 to 10 minutes at the end of the day to write a list of what needs to be completed tomorrow. Leave your work and work and head home. 14. Before you commence dinner have a chat with your kids about their day, take the time to unwind, maybe have a shower and be aware that your work day is now over and this is home time. 15. When you or your partner is making dinner, make the family lunches at the same time. 16. Share a healthy and leisurely dinner with your family 17. Relax with the kids before they go off to bed. 18. Then take some time to read or do an activity before you go to bed for your solid 8 hours (at least of sleep). Incorporating varied exercise and healthy diet into your daily routine will help you to feel better, more alert and have extra energy for your children and activities that you would like to do after work hours. This will help you to feel like work isn’t the only part of your life.
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@rracers89 (3247)
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20 Nov 06
wow those are some really great tips some i already do some i am going to try. thanks for sharing.