Acne: How can you get rid of it?

July 23, 2007 12:54am CST
I have suffered with acne ever since I started high school, I'm now almost 19 and I still have it. I've tried every cream and medication you can throw at me but yet it won't subside. Does anyone else have this problem? Are there any ways to ACTUALLY get rid of acne? Or is it one of those hormonal things that you grow out of?
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• Australia
26 Aug 07
I would just like to say that Acne is a very popular thing to go through, so yes, it can be can also just be genetic - if someone in your family suffered from acne it is likely that you will too. Believe it or not, the ProActive Solution that they market on television does work relatively well. I have some Mary Products that you might like to try. But my best recommendation is to monitor your diet, review what medication you are on for other conditions (as this could contribute significantly), ensure that you are getting plenty of vitamin d (sunshine) and lots of fresh air. Try not to pick at your acne as this will worsen it. Keep your face clean by using products that are suitable for your skintype. You might also want to seek the help of a professional beauty therapist in relation to your acne as they will give you more insight into the clinical procedures that you may undergo to clear it up. Good Luck!