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Pillwave - Banned Drugs
July 23, 2007 1:46am CST
BANNED DRUGS India has become a dumping ground for banned drugs; also the business for production of banned drugs is blooming. Plz make sure that u buy drugs only if prescribed by a doctor Also, ask which company manufactures it, this would help to ensure that u get what is prescribed and that also from a reputed drug store. Not many people know about these banned drugs and consume them causing a lot of damage to themselves. Please Make sure u forward it to everyone u know. DANGEROUS DRUGS: THESE DRUGS HAVE BEEN GLOBALLY DISCARDED BUT ARE AVAILABLE IN INDIA . The most common ones are D cold, action 500 & Nimulid. ANALGIN: This is a pain-killer. Reason for ban: Bone marrow depression. Brand name: Novalgin CISAPRIDE: Acidity, constipation. Reason for ban: irregular heartbeat Brand name: Ciza, Syspride DROPERIDOL: Anti-depressant. Reason for ban: Irregular heartbeat. Brand name: Droperol FURAZOLIDONE: Antidiarrhoeal. Reason for ban: Cancer. Brand name: Furoxone, Lomofen NIMESULIDE: Painkiller, fever. Reason for ban: Liver failure. Brand name: Nise, Nimulid NITROFURAZONE: Antibacterial cream. Reason for ban: Cancer. Brand name: Furacin PHENOLPHTHALEIN: Laxative. Reason for ban: Cancer. Brand name: Agarol PHENYLPROPANOLAMINE: cold and cough. Reason for ban: stroke. Brand name: D'cold, Vicks Action-500 OXYPHENBUTAZONE: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Reason for ban: Bone marrow depression. Brand name: Sioril PIPERAZINE: Anti-worms. Reason for ban: Nerve damage. Brand name: Piperazine QUINIODOCHLOR: Anti-diarrhoeal. Reason for ban: Damage to sight. Brand name: Enteroquinol
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