Exotic Food

@gr8life (6253)
July 23, 2007 3:09am CST
I read an article today about a small town, near to my hometown which is gaining a reputation for its exotic food restaurants. These restaurants offer dishes made from protected animals including tiger meat which served either fried with curry powder or cooked with herbs, wild boar, porcupine, mountain goat, squirrel, mouse deer, bat, anteater, tortoise, civet and also the famous python soup. According to the local news, the restaurants get their supplies from middlemen who bought the animals from the aborigines. A few days ago, I read an article about how the Wildlife Department 'saved' monkeys from being ended up on the plate at those restaurants which offer exotic food for their loyal customers. I find the whole story unacceptable and I don't really understand why some people have the gut to eat those animals. How about you? Will you go to that extent? Will you eat these kind of animals? To think of it only makes me feel uneasy and makes me lose my appetite.
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• Philippines
28 Jul 07
Of course i would! ! theresnothing more excting than venturing your tounge to different kinds of taste and textures and im willing to eat anything thats edible as long as it comes together with my sense of taste :)
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@gr8life (6253)
• Malaysia
31 Jul 07
Hello ifinallyfoundmybaby, I guess you are more adventurous than me when we come to the thing like this. I, for sure can't even try to open my mouth and eat the stuff. I am going to vomit, honestly speaking. It is good that you have a really good appetite. But, you are a small frame, slim lady, aren't you? I find it amazing as slim and slender people love to eat more and they really have a high metabolism that won't make them fat at all *smiles* Oh... I am jealous of you now!