it's not fair... *sob..*

July 23, 2007 3:40am CST
it's not fair when you treat your friends with utmost care and respect but then they do not even have the slightest concern about you. i love my friends; they're dear to me. we always share things and help each other out.. well - until recently.. i am not perfect - i have weaknesses too (one of the most idiotic is my being too reliant on my friends, thinking they're dependable). but at least i show my concerns.. at least i'm concerned enough to tell or remind my friends what i know about the next school work or what to do next monday so that they won't get left behind... since recently they don't appear in class... but then when it's me who needs information (and hell, yeah, they know about it) they don't even bother telling me. they talk about their plans for the day without inviting me; they do activities together without my knowing; they don't help me out when i'm left behind (just keep on talking, guys, thanks a lot!); they don't even include me when they found something (they just discuss it on their own!) useful to get through hardships in school stuff.. i'm a bit pissed.. yet a bit sad.. i can hardly talk to them as openly as before.. it seems like they're drifting away just recently.. or am i the one who's drifting away from them? or perhaps it's all in my head.. or maybe i'm just too demanding.. i do not know. but i can't help hearing my heart screaming: IT'S NOT FAIR!!!
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@Phlamingho (7831)
• Denmark
23 Jul 07
That's really annoying. Unfortuantly that's life, you can't trust anyone else than yourself.