IS this stupid or what? creationism taught in schools

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@J_peso (2434)
United States
July 24, 2007 12:51am CST
Gov. Rick Perry has appointed conservative Dr. Don McLeroy to head our state’s Board of Education. And the expectation is that McLeroy will lead the way into creationism in the upcoming board debate over state textbooks. It looks like creationism may be taught in public schools on an equal basis with evolution. That’s fair, right? Except that creationism a.k.a. “the theory of intellligent design” is religion (well the Christian fundamentalist brand anyway) and evolution is science. You can believe in creationism, go ahead. If you can’t find any way to reconcile your religious beliefs with science go ahead reject evolution. But that is a religious preference. You might as well reject the theory of gravity while you’re at it. And all those old bones and fossils they’ve dug up? What are your views on the issue ....Are they outstupiding each other?
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