Make money from dropshipping

July 24, 2007 3:22am CST
I know that this has been around for a while but just recently I tried to do sme dropshipping on ebay for my home bueinss. And it turns out that dropshipping does provide some form of income. All I pay is one yearly memebership payment of $49 to have access to tons of products that people actually want, no more of this affiliate ebook crap. If interested in dropshipping then click the link below: has anyone else had experience in dropshipping, if so can you give me some points on who to improve sales?
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@redfang (969)
24 Jul 07
I looked into dropshipping quite a while ago when i started my business but i thought i would not bother because it can be a dodgy sector, basicly what you do is you sell the items which a certain company has for sale and then you pay the company for the item and give them the name and address of the customer then they deliver it. When i was selling gothic items i sold a few rather large pieces ( tables, chairs ) which a the company i was dealing with sold and instead of me ordering them and having them delivered to me i arranged a deal with the company that i would sell the item and then i would give them the name and address of the buyer and they woul send it to them, it also made it easier for me should the item arrive broken at the buyer because then i could just ring the company and say " oi this arrived broken " and they then sort it all out an i didn't have to so it made it easier on me. I wouldn't suggest using a company who is not well known, i would use a company who you know and who you can form a business relationship with that way you can build your trust with the company. Good luck in your ebaying and drop shipping.