How many times does your best friend email you daily?

United States
July 24, 2007 4:02am CST
My ex-best friend used to email me up to four times daily. At first it was very flattering to have someone to talk with online. But, then I realized that she was just doing it because she was bored and didn't have anything better to do. When I returned the favor during her busy season, often I wouldn't get a response for a week or more. Some best friend! Anyway, since then I have broadened my friendship horizon and found newer and nicer friends online. We don't talk that often by email, but when we do it's signifigant and meaningful. Even one email daily is better than none, right? So, how about you? How often does your online best friend send you emails?
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@cynddvs (2950)
• United States
24 Jul 07
Me and my friends all have really understanding relationships. We have all realized since becoming adults that we don't always have time to talk to each other. We try to email each other just to say hi at least once a week. But the great thing about my friendships is that we don't need that constant maintenance to keep our friendship going. There are times when our lives get crazy and we will go months without talking. But then when we do catch back up it's just like we never missed a beat and can still hang out and have a blast. I don't have many really close friends like that. But the ones I do have I feel very lucky to have in my life.
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@gr8life (6253)
• Malaysia
25 Jul 07
Hello beautyqueen26, My off line best friends don't email me at all. We used to talk on the phone or sometimes go and meet somewhere. But after getting married, it seems that we are all busy with our own family. In the office, it is hard to get a call from them. Maybe after one or two weeks only they will call to say hi. My online best friend chats with me almost every day. We share almost about every thing online and I do know that I can trust him. Sometimes, we talk on the phone too but it is maybe, once a month *smile*
@Shaun72 (15968)
• Palatka, Florida
25 Jul 07
I get a lot of joke emails from one of my close friends that I have been friends with since childhood. We were next door neighbors so I get these emails alot I also send some to her also.
@gabs8513 (48715)
• United Kingdom
24 Jul 07
We only email now and again but then again most of us talk on Messenger and then we only talk when we have things to say and we all do our own thing but know that the other one is there
@wmzuls (55)
• Malaysia
24 Jul 07
one email per month..
@unishwetabh (1032)
• India
24 Jul 07
I have two best friends but i hardly get their mails. WE live in distant part of the country but still we never mail to each other. Shocked??? Well dont be..... Instead we all just meet somewhere after planning a months isnt that fun than meeting. What do you say???