Is being super slim PRETTY? NO to ANOREXICS!

July 24, 2007 4:05am CST
Being a girl, I love fashion magazines and runway shows, but I notice that there is a handful of models who are really THIN nowadays, they seem to have sticks for arms and legs! I admit that I like to be slim and pretty, but definitely not to that extent. It is like skin hanging on the skeleton! Really ugly. So fellow girls, love yourself while staying pretty! Protests against Anorexics! Regards, Adrienne
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24 Jul 07
i have never been slim... i have a average body with curves and all and im loving my life! i eat a balanced diet as well as junkfood... and for all those girls who diet, so they can super thin and find a boyfriend! DON'T!! my cousin dieted to find a boyfriend but she just found herself alone in her house or talking to a guy that she never wanted to attract!! i dont mean to sound up myself, but i've had more loving than she's had!! me and my curves!! take care of urself girls!!!
@djmarion (4901)
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24 Jul 07
slim is a good thing but not to the point of being super thin :) as a woman i also want to be slim but proportioned .