Chris Benoit - The latest

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July 24, 2007 9:29am CST
The Chris Benoit story has kind of dropped off the news here in Florida... What about everywhere else? What is the latest that you know of? I think the story is going to slowly die off WAY before we get toxicology reports, and we may never know if its not made national public knowledge. What are your feelings of this tragic event?
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25 Jul 07
It has here in Missouri to. The only place you really here about it anymore is on like Nancy Grace or MSNBC and places like that. But for me it still hasnt sunk in yet. Tonight I was watching ECW and was waiting for him to ocme out and its been like that for the past few weeks. But I think a major break is gonna happen in the case then it will be all over the news again.
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19 Aug 07
i fell the same way i be looking for him and eddie i just get so teared up when i don't see them it's like losing someone in your family you may not know them mind body and so but your use to seeing them that it's like there here in your home so i understand what your saying
@arcidy (5016)
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7 Mar 08
Well I was looking at something on youtube and I was listing to some guy saying that benoit didnt kill his family that it was kevin sullivan. The guy made a lot of good points and frankly I beleave him and it would explain a lot. But Im not sure if that was before the autopsy or after. Either way I hope hes right so benoits can make the hall of fame and not be rememberd as someone who killed his family.
• India
7 Mar 08
I also like to know about the Benoit who really loved to play the game very sincierely I like Benoit because of his sinciereness in his Game
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5 Sep 07
Some more news just came out, I can't fully recall the details though. Apparently they studied his brain, and it had lots of damage. They're thinking this may of caused him to snap. Thats just a really bad summary, but if you look it up on yahoo or somewhere I'm sure you'll find out more.