Laptop or desktop ?

July 24, 2007 1:03pm CST
My friend who is under a tight budget situation is planning to purchase a computer . His budget is Rs.40,000/-( without printer and webcam etc. ) . In dollar it is around $1000 . What do you suggest - a desktop or a laptop ? Is it true laptops are less upgradable than desktop?
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• India
30 Jul 07
your friend having nice budget to buy computer. In laptop you can not get P-Iv with nice configuration in 40,000/- if you are in India. and in future there is lots of porb. in laptop. if any one of the part if you want to change than its too much costly. In desktop Pc, you can buy high configuration PC. and also there is benefir when there is any prob. in harware or want to change any part of the machine in future, its chepest than laptop. so i prefer desktop pc is much better.
@Nardz13 (5059)
• New Zealand
26 Jul 07
Hey. I dont really know about laptops being less upgradable, but I do know one advantage of having a laptop is being able to transport where every you like, especially if its a wireless one... A PC is so difficult to get around with if need be...
@bhati4u (99)
24 Jul 07
if ur freind not travel alots then desktop is best and upgradeable
@mrsbrian (1951)
• United States
24 Jul 07
i think it would depend on what your friend wants to do with the computer, like dose he travel and need to take it with him? We have both and I use my desktop way more than the laptop its just easier to use and i dont like the finger mouse thing although i have purchased a small plug in mouse for it.either works well it just depends on what your friend likes.
@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
24 Jul 07
I would suggest a laptop. True they are not as upgradeable, but they are portable and if your friend is going to college or university it would be easier. With a desktop, he can't take it to lectures. If he does not do much gaming and uses it just for business, and writing, he can get a cheap one. If he saves more for a better one, that will last longer.
• United States
24 Jul 07
Laptops are much more expensive than desktop computers nowadays because they are in higher demand. What would your friend be using his computer for? You can definitely buy a laptop for $1000 or under at most department stores, but they won't have as much memory, ram, or gigabytes as a desktop for the same price in most cases. Between getting a laptop and a desktop computer, I'd choose a laptop anyday even if it does cost a little more. You can use it just like a desktop or you can bring it with you when your on the go.
@nicolec (2673)
• United States
24 Jul 07
Personally I love my lap top. I use a desktop at work, but at home it's all about the laptop. Can use anywhere and anytime. Not sure about the upgradable part. And unfortuantly assesories can add up, like if wanted to buy an external mouse or hard drive.
@trk918 (254)
• United States
24 Jul 07
I think that is true but I'm not into computer repair & such. What I have found out though is that by the time I feel the need to upgrade that computer will not upgrade to what is now available new or is just as expensive to upgrade verses buy new. I prefer my laptop & would never buy another desktop.