Reality TV- Are They Realy The Girls Next door?

What a Lucky Guy!!! - Hef& The 3 Girlfriends
United States
July 24, 2007 3:35pm CST
When you think of the girls next door you probably think of "Sally Jane" with her brown hair, freckles and tomboy spirit. You don't think of playinum blonds having a full staff doting on their every whim. This may sound a bit jealous but I give tem a standing ovation. Some of you may not know but I am talking about Hugh Hefner's current girlfriends, and their show "The Girls Next Door". When I was a teen I wanted so much to be a Playboy bunny and centerfold. But I never had the ambition (or quite the body) to persue that dream like these three have done. Some of you are saying that he extorts women, but do you realize how many women WANT to be nude in pictures? How many women make their way to Playboy to try and get in the magazine? A LOT! More than the avarage American would think. Playboy does have nude pictures, but I feel they display them very tastefully, not like other magazines. The Magazine has started and boosted many careers of many women, that would never have the chance of getting anywhere in life. Not only that ugh takes an intrest in all of the women that he is around and I'm not talking that he sleeps with them. He cares for them like as if they were his daughters or girlfriends. He's not a dumb man if he had treated the women like common tramps he wouldn't have the fame, wealth, and respect that he has today, from all walks of life. The TV show " The Girls Next door" has popularity again from all sectors of the world's population. If the "girlfriends" didn't want to do the show I don't think Hugh would make them. But they know that the public has a curiosity about this mans life and why not star along with him. You have to admit wouldn't you like to take a tour of the mansion? And if you watch the show Hugh's assistant is not a platinum blond, she looks to be a grandmother. Another standing ovation! If he was a womanizer you would think he would have a busty blond in that job too!I do wonder if the "girlfriends" ever fight with eachother that we don't see on the show, Or if they just accept their spots in Hugh's life? It does seem that they are very tolerable of each other. I know that would be very difficult out of most women including myself. But unlike most relationships you don't have the freedom that they do. It does seem that they can travel, and do most things they want to do. Is that the trick to keep peace?Well what ever the secret it's working!
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