BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH?? "Fatal System Error" 0XC0000135

@OUT2WIN (669)
United States
July 24, 2007 6:47pm CST
Its known as the blue screen of death and I have it. I'm on a libary computer right now hoping to find out some more info about fixing this error. I screwed up my regestry by following directions with an uninstall/delete and I wish I haden't. For those who don't know about this error, its a huge system error that gives you a blue screen with a black border after windows says its loading. The error code ( is 0XC0000135 and the directions are kinda foggy on fixing this problem. Hense me writing this for help. Anyone ever fix or have this problem? It says to download a recent copy of SP2 onto disk and load it on the computer, so I'm gonna try that and hope it works, but if anyone understands it better than me or has delt with this before, please add a comment or link to this thread and hopefully myself and anyone else with this problem will have it resolved. Thanks...OUT2WIN My time is almost up here ( 1 hour time limit) so I'll check back tomorrow at around 6:00pm and see if theres any luck.
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• Indonesia
25 Jul 07
First, you need to find xp start up cd. It supposed to run your hardware without using your system, than you can fix your system registry. Or if you can enter the save mode, you can use the msconfig command to unable all programs that run every time your system start. Hopefully it can help.
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@SEOGUY (906)
• United States
25 Jul 07
The service pack 2 should help, if not about the only way to recover your computer also means looseing all your data, by inserting your startup disk and rebooting and reinstalling your windows. Hope the sp2 works for you, You may also try taking it to a local computer reapir.
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@liyan97 (2128)
• Northern Mariana Islands
25 Jul 07
I have had that issue before, I just loaded my XP CD and instead of reinstalling it, I just downloaded the setup files and went back in to fix my registry. I use the Microsoft recommended Cclean (free download) to clean and fix my registry errors. Good Luck
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