What do you think of Robert Koyazaki's books?

July 24, 2007 10:09pm CST
I've read 4 of his books Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cashflow Quadrant,Guide to Investing,Retire Young Retire Rich. And this has tremendously changed my whole perspective. His books are totally different from other get-rich self-help books because it has a different premise and they are written in such a way that a non-financially literate person would understand. It doesnt contain ways and techniques on how to get rich, it's more of teaching you to change your perspective on how to get rich, and most importantly of yourself. It will teach you the right attitude and the right mindset for you to get rich. I'm posting this because I'd like to get the points of view of other people regarding these bestselling books.
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@dudumodu (48)
• Israel
8 Jan 08
I have been looking for a place I can share views with others whose lives have been turned around by Kiyosaki's books as mine has.Thanks fopr starting this thread. I have equally read Rich Dad,Poor Dad and Retire Young,retire rich. I think it pertinent to mention also that I have read "The Richest Man in Babylon" What I will really like to do is have detailed discuss on some not so obvious points in these books.I thing a lot of people I know who have read them miss some of these points. Kiyosaki is a gift to this generation. I consider myself his disciple and amongst other things take his suggestion on early training in financial literacy very seriously in my relationship with my children. Dudumodu( Oludotun Osunsanya)
@krowbar (79)
• Philippines
9 Nov 07
Funny, I also bought the same 4 books that you mentioned. Anyway, yes, the books opened my eyes and I became a rich dad fanatic right away! There are already a lot of books with techniques on how to get rich, but you can never be rich without changing your context. Kiyosaki's books are not laboratory manuals that explain what to do step by step. It is a book that changes how you see things. Once you see things differently, you will be the one who will design your own method of getting rich