How do you get rid of pests?

@DanaMark (807)
United States
July 25, 2007 9:22am CST
No, I'm not talking about friends you want to get rid of or relatives who come and stay to long. I'm talking about animals like squirrels and rabbits. We have many squirrels in our back yard. They are chewing up our deck, and kill a lot of branches in our trees. And the rabbits make large areas in the lawn where they sit overnight. I bought a live trap. So far I've caught 19 squirrels. I take them out to the cemetery where there are lots of other squirrels and release them there. I haven't been able to catch any rabbits yet. We started putting moth ball crystals in the patches where the rabbits sit. That seems to be helping. Any other suggestions?
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• Philippines
28 Jul 07
You know sometimes its easier to deal with animal pests than with pestering neighbors, relatives or friends (fiends sometimes LOL.) Every pest has something they do not like or something that repels them. That is what you should find out. Its also better to keep everything clean.
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