A new Plan for Lohan.

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July 25, 2007 3:25pm CST
What is going on with this young lady is bigger than just one person. It is a reflection of what peer pressure and poor relationships can do to a person. Even someone as talented, rich, beautiful, and wonderful as Lindsay. I only know what the rest of you know about this situation. The media is only going to put out but so much at a time to keep us tuning in, but what I do know is that jail is not the answer. A punishment is necessary but it shouldn't be jail. It was suggested that she do some Comm. service and a heavy probation period. Maybe even mandatory rehab of an extended period. What I suggest for Ms. Lohan is that all of the hangers-on who enable and encourage her self-destructive behavior for their own personal gain be thrown back to the streets where she found them. No friend would let her get behind the wheel and chase down some woman, apparently the mother of Lohan's former PA, while drunk, or any time for that matter. There is a saying, "Live and let live". Well I think Lohan needs to follow Guns N' Roses advice on a popular song, "Live and Let Die". She needs to live her life and take off those leeches who are living off of her blood and let them die instead of killing herself slowly for their amusement.
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25 Jul 07
I think this should act as a warning to any parents who are tempted to let their child go into showbusiness. DON'T DO IT. From Judy Garland to Drew Barrymore and now Lindsey Lohan, nearly all child stars get psychologically messed up because they were deprived of those precious years of growing up and learning outside the public eye. I don't know if Ms Lohan will have the strength to overcome her problems like Drew Barrymore did, or whether she will be struggling with them till the end of her life like Judy Garland was. I agree with you that she needs to cut herself off from all the so-called friends and hangers-on who are enabling her. But the question is, is she strong and determined enough to do so and make a new life for herself? Or is she still young and silly enough to be dazzled by the superficial glamor of her current lifestyle? Only time will tell...
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26 Jul 07
Thank you for your response. However, I disagree with your opinion that parents shouldn't let their children become child stars. There are so many success stories out there that it is hard to really blame it on the occupation and not on the individual circumstances. I am not sure if she is strong enough right now, but I believe with a mandatory stint in a judge-appointed rehab facility and some Comm. Serv. hours that Lohan just might be able to save herself. I say this because no one can save her but HERSELF. We all have to make choices and we all usually learn from our own mistakes. She needs support but ultimately it is in her hands. Her fate rests with her decisions.