buying ads paid off.

United States
July 25, 2007 7:29pm CST
bought 1000 hits at linkgrand yesterday for hits to one of my blogs... instead of a couple signups on one splash page, i had multiple signups in 5 different programs. hits4pay 2, mypowermall 2, donkeymails 1 , dealsncash 1 , clixsense 2 i have run ads through linkgrand before, with individual programs and did less conversion... also i had 3 clickouts to affiliate products (dont know if i got a sale or lead yet) linkgrand link at or just go straight to the site, either way I am happy with these results.. I am pretty sure i just got lucky, but hey that is cool too. and dont come back at me with the low percentage here either, I know a lot of you can do better.. I am just happy.
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