Guide to free to play pking

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July 25, 2007 10:11pm CST
In runescape everyone wants to make alot of cash and quickly,one of the best ways to do that is pking. There are really only two ways to really pk in free to play. Method one- Purchase a set of full rune, a rune scimitar or scimmy, rune two hander, food, and about 10 strength potions.(If you are a strength pure just skip buying full rune). Now go to a non-multy pk area and i suggest edgeville.(just north of the barbarian villige) Look for someone around you level then drink one str dose. Start figthing them and take them down to about 25% of there health. Then QUICKLY switch to rune 2h. This will hit high and knock out the rest of there hp a.k.a. ko. Now if they eat at like 50% health this is called safing so dont waste your time trust me the chances are low of killing them. So if you expect them not to safe dont safe yourself. Method two- This requires a high magic level or range level. If your mage'ing buy full bluemage robes wind staff and mage ammy. Youl also need about 300 natures rune 300 earth 400 waters 200 deaths 800 fires and some food. Now safely head towards the greater demons in level 45 wilderness. Now if you encouter someone wearing full rune simply bind them then start mage'ing them. The whole idea is for them not to hit you so be careful. After about 2 minutes of this they will start to run but your not going to let them. Rember they have to get to level 20 wilderness before they can telly. So keep binding them and maging them. The same thing can apply with a ranger but you range them instead. If your ranging them i still sugest you wear at least mage top and hat with green vambraces and chaps. This method is diffcult to become proficent however at allways pays off for me. Now some helpfull tips for free to play pking. 1) Becareful the wilderness is full of clans so watch out whenyour in multy combat. 2) if your out of food you done with pking. Trust me you wont pk someone without food unless your very lucky. 3) if your being cased by a clan dont feel bad about safing i mean come on its like 10 on 1. 4) if someone is 10 levels highers than you dont fight them that means there beter than you dont waste your time... 5) If your maging and you encouter a ranger or someone wearing green dragon hide dontfight them they will kill you i swear. Good luck with free to play pking and have fun =) -Whitesoldier
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26 Jul 07
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6 Jun 08
wow ty i'll try that maybe it'll be good for bhing too!