Did I make the right choice?

July 25, 2007 11:48pm CST
For the first time, (after quitting my post as a journalist of a local newspaper), I read the broadsheets yesterday. It's been months since I've held a copy of a newspaper. If not weren't for our president's SONA, I would have not purchased a newspaper. But then, I had to read the news on SONA 2007. It doesn't mean that I am no longer in the media, I cannot be a critic of our president. After reading the newspaper, I got frustrated. Not because of the SONA but because of one realization. I miss my by-lines and the articles that were fruits of my hard work on field. After all these months, I miss my career in the media. It's different when you read the newspaper everyday and you see your by-lines printed on it. It's different when watch TV and listen to radio reports and you hear your recorded news reports. I miss the "threats". You know, the "be careful of what you write, publish, or report" threats. And you know what's odd? Today, is exactly two months after I quit spotlight of a highly-respected broadcast journalist. And upto this day, I still question myself: "Did I make the right choice?"
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