does technology make the man so lazy.....

July 26, 2007 12:59am CST
this is smthing that i have been thinking about for some time... does not technology make the man so lazy....??? i really do think children does not find time to go play..instead they are spenting their time playing computer games and play station.,.its very hard that the children are kept away from the reaeding habbit which is the most royal habit of the human being... a man spent lot of time before computers and tv, giving him no time to refresh himself or burn his calories..dont u find this as the disavdavantage of the improvement in technology despite of so much advantages.....??????? what do u ppl think about it....???
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• Philippines
26 Jul 07
yes it is! I know for so many times specially in the US and other progressive countries technology does some bad effect specially in the health of the kids. it causes obesity because kids tend to use high tech gadgets instead of going down the park and play with other activities that will serve as exercise that's why it really at some point makes persons lazy and inactive.
• India
26 Jul 07
but i feel that the children cannot be blamed for this...after all they are just kids...i feel that a genuine effort must come from the parents for overcoming this...they are responsible for the childrens' activities atleat till the age of 10 or less...