i'm going to lose my job!! my office is closing as they had a 3 year contact!

July 26, 2007 4:16am CST
How am i going to bare all my family expences?? I really need some words for comfort!!
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@jolope (988)
• Philippines
26 Jul 07
i dont know if what im about to say could be comforting or something else.. but i think that you should stop worrying and work on it.. i think its not too late to look for another job..the internet is very much useful when it comes to job vacancies..so try that..pass you resume online and soon you'll get an interview..dont worry about your office closing out on you..there are lots more.. remember..give them something to be impressed of..i dont know your abilities but i know that you're good at something..be an asset for other companies.. i hope this one helped..
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• Pakistan
3 Aug 07
thank you very much!! i really needed your support!!
@alnilam (969)
• United States
26 Jul 07
I friend of mine once told me, you can achieve everything what you desire as long as you are determined you will achieve it and think positive. Be a fighter! Do not let a thing like this to destroy you! You can do it! Start searching for a job right now, do not waste time by figuring out what you are going to do. Panic is your worst enemy now, not time!
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@EliteUser (3971)
• Australia
6 Jul 09
Hey, I really don't know what you should do, hopefully someone below me can answer your question, I wish I could. Anywayz, have a great day MyLotting!!